Delivering Compassionate, In-Home End-of-Life Care to Dogs & Cats in Cedar Lake, IN & Surrounding Counties

In-home palliative and hospice care alleviates a tremendous amount of stress for pets and their devoted caregivers. Home is an intimate place that provides physical and emotional comfort. It also offers much-needed privacy in difficult times. When your beloved pet reaches the twilight of their life, the best thing we can do is care for them in an environment they know and love best.

At Halo Pet Hospice, Dr. Hawrysio strives to make pet hospice and euthanasia easier to handle for companion animals and their families. In-home euthanasia can be a meaningful experience and a blessing, and it is something all loving pet families deserve.

Call (219) 200-4808 to schedule a consult with Dr. Hawrysio. Please allow Dr. Hawrysio 1-2 business days to return your call if you need to leave a message.

About Dr. Emily Hawrysio

Dr. Hawrysio, the owner of Halo Pet Hospice, exclusively provides in-home pet hospice care, palliative care, and humane euthanasia in and around Cedar Lake, IN. She is a Fear Free Certified veterinarian and one of just 13 vets in the state of Indiana certified in hospice and palliative care for dogs and cats. She is also one of just 2 such vets serving the entire Northwest Indiana region.

Dr. Hawrysio has always had a soft spot for senior pets, and has adopted many senior animals that were overlooked due to their age. This inspired her to become certified in palliative and hospice care for pets, and give animals the happiest, healthiest life in their senior years. Dr. Hawrysio feels there is a special bond to be shared with pets and their families during the end-of-life process, and it is a privilege to help dogs and cats pass away in the comfort of home surrounded by their loved ones.

Having seen and experienced the human side of hospice firsthand, Dr. Hawrysio now wants to give that same level of compassionate care to as many pets and families as possible.

What to Expect

Reaching out and discussing your pet’s end-of-life treatment options is a big step, and it can be difficult. We understand you may be feeling uncertain, anxious, and perhaps even frustrated. If you need help, Halo Pet Hospice is here for you.

Here is what to expect if you contact us:

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