Memorialize Your Pet

Some studies have found that losing your pet can have the same devastating emotional impact as losing a human family member or close friend. This is not so surprising, given that our pets are such a huge part of our daily lives and routines. They are also a major source of comfort and unconditional love. Losing them is like losing a part of ourselves. They leave lasting pawprints on our hearts.

Collar Of A Pet Dog Around An Urn With A Pink Rose

Memorializing your pet after they’ve passed away can help you and your family deal with the loss and gradually move on, until only fond memories remain. There are many ways you can do this:

  • Keeping your pet’s ashes in a special urn
  • Clay or ink paw prints (both provided at no additional cost through HPH)
  • Lock of fur (provided at no additional cost through HPH)
  • Nose print (provided at no additional cost, upon request through HPH)
  • Paw print in a cement steppingstone for your garden
  • Putting your pet’s collar or favorite toy on display
  • Displaying your favorite picture of your pet
  • Writing an obituary and posting it to your social media page
  • Adding your pet’s ID tag to your keys
  • Commissioning a piece of artwork of your pet
  • Incorporating your pet’s ashes into jewelry or pottery
  • Using your pet’s ashes to plant a living urn
  • Donating to a shelter or humane society in his/her honor
  • Donating to your local veterinary clinic in his/her honor- most have an “Angel Fund” or “Good Samaritan Fund” to help with the cost of care for families who have financial constraints
  • Getting a tattoo of his/her paw print
  • Doing something special in his/ her honor (one family bought a box of tennis balls and left it at a dog park with a picture of their beloved tennis-ball-loving dog)
  • Getting a personalized ornament or other decor
  • Putting together a photo album of your favorite memories together
  • Holding a memorial/funeral service
  • Spreading your pet’s ashes somewhere meaningful
  • When the time is right- consider adopting another pet… there is no greater gift or honor than saving another life!

Create a Memorial for Your Pet

Sharing a story about your pet can be very comforting, and it can help other pet families, too. Use the form provided to tell us about your companion and upload a treasured photo to remember them by.

Pet Memorial Form

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